Active Shooter Resources

Active Shooter Resources
Oct 7 CDPH Team

An active shooter is defined as an individual who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in the hospital or on the hospital campus. In most cases active shooters use a firearm(s) and display no pattern or method for selection of their victims. In some cases active shooters use other weapons and/or improvised explosive devices to cause additional victims and act as an impediment to police and emergency responders.

Active Shooter Resources

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Active Shooter Drill Resources (HASC) [LEARN]
Active Shooter Preparedness (DHS) [LEARN]


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Planning & Training for an Active Shooter Event – Executive Summary (CHA-HPP) [PDF]
Active Shooter: How To Respond (DHS) [PDF]
Active Shooter Pocket Card (DHS) [PDF]


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2013 Active Shooter Drill (HASC) [WATCH]
Run-Hide-Fight: Surviving an Active Shooter Event (City of Houston) [WATCH]
Options for Consideration Active Shooter Preparedness (DHS) [WATCH]


Active Shooter Professional Organizations