Hospital Continuity Resources

Hospital Continuity Resources
Oct 14 CDPH Team

A Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

The Hospital Continuity Planning Toolkit was developed by the California Hospital Association (CHA) Hospital Preparedness Program’s Hospital Continuity Planning Workgroup. This toolkit was developed to assist and provide examples for hospitals in the development of their business continuity plans. There are multiple methodologies for achieving this and the materials do not represent a mandate or requirement. Rather, the toolkit provides a primary template with detailed instruction, as well as additional tools and templates included in appendixes as examples of supporting documents and representative of additional methodologies.


CHA Hospital Continuity Program Checklist

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Hospital Contiuity Program Checklist (CHA) [DOC]


Business Continuity Planning Toolkit

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 Hospital Continuity Planning Toolkit [DOC]
 Hospital Continuity Planning Toolkit [PDF]


VI. Appendixes

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 Appendix D: Business Continuity Plan Tool [XLS]
 Appendix D1: Technical Documentation for Maintaining Business Continuity Plan Tool [DOC]
 Appendix E: Department Status Forms/Summary [DOC]
 Appendix F: Business Continuity Planning PowerPoint to Management [PPT]
 Appendix G: Utilizing Your Business Continuity Plan [PPT]


VII. Additional Example Plans/Resources

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Sample Business Continuity Planning Presentation [PPT]
Good Samaritan Hospital: Sample Continuity Plan [PDF]


Other Continuity Resources

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How to Conduct a Hospital Business Impact Analysis [PDF]
Business Impact Analysis tool [XLS]
EOP/Continuity Plan Table [PDF]