Hazards Vulnerability Analysis

Hazards Vulnerability Analysis
Sep 28 CDPH Team

Hospitals are required to conduct and annually review their Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA). The HVA provides a systematic approach to recognizing hazards that may affect demand for the hospitals services or its ability to provide those services. The risks associated with each hazard are analyzed to prioritize planning, mitigation, response and recovery activities. The HVA serves as a needs assessment for the Emergency Management program. This process should involve community partners and be communicated to community emergency response agencies.

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool

Kaiser Permanente has developed a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis tool which is available for download as a planning resource. This tool is a sample only and is not a substitute for a comprehensive emergency preparedness program; individuals or organizations using this tool are solely responsible for any hazard assessment and compliance withapplicable laws and regulations.

Click to download.

Kaiser Permanente HVA Tool [XLS]