Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications Toolkit

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications Toolkit
Oct 20 CDPH Team

This “Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Tool Kit” provides detailed resource materials to assist in effectively managing and communicating during an emergency or crisis. The Tool Kit is specifically designed to support writing and implementing a crisis communication plan. A crisis communication plan clearly defines your goals, objectives and actions. It provides specific guidelines and instructions for communicating during emergencies.

The original CERC Tool Kit was developed in 2005 and focused almost exclusively on terrorism and bioterrorism preparedness. Since that time, two addendums have been developed that focus on the Strategic National Stockpile and Pandemic Influenza.

Over the past five years, the CERC Tool Kit has proven to be an effective planning and implementation resource for Local Health Departments (LHDs) in California. In a recent survey, LHDs expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the Tool Kit stating that it is particularly helpful for planning, message development, media materials and talking points.

In concert with the feedback from LHDs, the 2011 CERC Tool Kit has been updated to reflect an “all-hazards” approach. Materials regarding a variety of hazards have been incorporated, including disease outbreaks and natural disasters. The Tool Kit has also been reorganized to ensure that it is easy to use, particularly during an emergency, and any outdated information has been updated.

The Tool Kit offers information and techniques to assist in:

  • Updating and revising your local health department’s crisis manual and related materials.
  • Customizing resources for your local health department. Informing and protecting the public during an emergency.
  • Communicating clearly with law enforcement officials, medical providers and other officials in an emergency.
  • Engaging partners/stakeholders to best support communication responses.
  • Effectively coordinating with the California Department of Public Health, the California Office of Emergency Preparedness and other state and federal agencies using the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) model.
  • Working with California’s diverse populations.

When implemented, this Tool Kit will assist in executing a well-planned crisis and emergency risk communication plan. Preparation can give your local health department the critical boost necessary to ensure that the public is informed and protected.