Colorado Theater Shooting Plunged Hospitals into Turmoil

Colorado Theater Shooting Plunged Hospitals into Turmoil
Nov 13 CDPH Team

By Ashley Powers and Amina Khan

Los Angeles Times

July 2012 – “Dr. Tien Vu was fixing up a child’s cut when the first victim was rolled into the emergency room. He was slumped in his wheelchair, his face gnarled in pain, his leg bloodied. A bullet had ripped into his thigh.

Something’s off, Vu recalled thinking.

The emergency room at Children’s Hospital Colorado, where Vu has worked for nearly a decade, mostly tends to kids’ broken bones and stubborn fevers, though the staff has handled its share of ailing adults too. But a gunshot wound was unusual.

It was just short of 1 a.m. Friday. The victim said a friend had sped him to the ER — Children’s Hospital was the first “emergency” sign they’d spotted — from a nearby movie theater.

A movie theater?

He said a shooter had sprayed bullets into a crowd. Vu was skeptical. The ER staff hadn’t heard anything. But just as Vu and another doctor began to cut away his clothes to reach his wound, dispatchers alerted the hospital.”