California Disaster and Medical Surge Capacity Analysis

California Disaster and Medical Surge Capacity Analysis
Jun 26 cdphadmin

Description: This report describes the current trends and demographics of the pediatric, neonatal acute care and critical care capacity in California. The data has been obtained from public and professional sources including:

  • CDPH
  •  California Hospital Association
  • California Children’s Hospital Association
  • Licensing and Accreditation
  • Hospital Disaster Professionals
  • National and State Pediatric Disaster Experts

The purpose of the report is to support health officers, emergency care managers and LEMSA administrators, community health care providers, pediatric regional centers, and pediatric-neonatal physician and nurse leadership in their local disaster preparedness efforts.
Data reflected is limited by the quality of the data collected and reported and should be validated at annual intervals to assess for significant changes that may impact planning or assumptions about the ability to provide mutual assistance or mutual aide.
When validating data from your community it is highly recommended using the most reliable sources e.g. Local CDPH Licensing and Accreditation, PICU or NICU medical or nurse director to assure the information is up to date. OSHPD data should be validated and not relied, as there may be errors, however it is helpful when evaluating trends and cumulative demographics.
This report was compiled by Patricia Frost RN, MS, PNP, EMS Director, Contra Costa County and respectfully submitted for the EMSAAC Board