15 ’til 50 – Mass Casualty Incident Toolkit

15 ’til 50 – Mass Casualty Incident Toolkit
Jan 13 cdphadmin

The innovative and award winning 15 ’til 50 program is designed to enable hospital staff to receive a surge of 50 or more patients within 15 minutes of notification of a mass casualty incident. This includes the rapid deployment of staff, supplies, and equipment to successfully activate and operate a mass casualty incident triage and treatment area. The program utilizes the Hospital Incident Command System and can be initiated using existing supplies and equipment.

The 15 ‘til 50 Mass Casualty Incident Toolkit

MCI Guide

The Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the 15 ‘til 50 model. It offers a step-by-step walkthrough for developing a 15 ‘til 50 Program.

Download the Guide

MCI Plan Template

The Plan Template provides an easy-to-populate document that can be used to create a MCI Plan for your facility.

Download the Plan Template

MCI Multimedia

MCI Multimedia connects the user to all media files (photos, video and audio) relating to 15 ‘til 50 MCI planning.

To view the MCI Multimedia, click here.

MCI Toolkit Library

MCI Toolkit Library provides a comprehensive suite of supplemental materials to aid with the design and implementation of the 15 ‘til 50 program. It includes a train the trainer program, a healthcare responder training program, presentation material, patient care forms, Job Action Sheets, sample plans, executive briefing materials, and more.

To view the toolkit library, click here.