Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program

Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program
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The Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program is a focused effort among partners in the Public Health and Medical Services Emergency Function #8 (EF8) of California. Exercise participants include representatives from local, regional, and State agencies including local health departments, local emergency medical service agencies, local environmental health departments, acute care hospitals/facilities, emergency medical services/ambulance providers, behavioral health, long-term care facilities, community health centers/clinics, emergency management, medical examiners/coroners, law enforcement, and fire services.

The annual exercise program is developed by a collaborative group, representing participating agencies and highlights many specific vulnerabilities and capabilities on a local, regional, and State level.

The Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program plays a critical role in the on-going support to Public Health and Medical preparedness efforts by local, regional, and State agencies. Participation in the exercise allows participants to:

  • Test and validate policies, plans, procedures, training, equipment, and agreements
  • Clarify and train personnel in roles and responsibilities
  • Improve interagency coordination
  • Identify gaps in resources and response plans
  • Strengthen relationships among all participating agencies
  • Meet various requirements from regulatory and accreditation agencies

The development of the Statewide Medical and Health Exercise is supported through the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) and Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) grants.

Dates for exercise:
2015:  November 19, 2015
2016:  November 17, 2016
2017:  November 16, 2017