Division of Recovery

Division of Recovery
Sep 11 CDPH Team

The Division of Recovery advances the Nation’s ability to recover from the health and social services impacts of emergencies and disasters. It leads the coordination of federal health and social services efforts to support communities’ recovery from emergencies and disasters. It also promotes pre-disaster health and social services recovery planning and systematic improvements in public health emergency and disaster recovery planning and operations. The Division of Recovery within the HHS\ASPR Office of Emergency Management leverages existing programs and resources to help state and local communities recover from disasters.  Learn More

Health and Social Service (H&SS) Recovery Support Function (RSF)

As part of its role in the National Disaster Recovery Framework, HHS leads Federal activities to assist locally-led recovery efforts in the restoration of the public health, health care and social services networks to promote resilience, health and well-being in the affected areas.  Learn More

H&SS RSF Core Mission Areas

The H&SS RSF addresses issues in nine core mission areas:  public health;healthcare services impacts; behavioral health impacts; environmental health impacts; food safety and medical products; long term health issues specific to responders; social services impacts; referral to social services/disaster case management; and children in disasters.  Learn More

Recovery Policy Guidance Documents

After a disaster strikes, communities need help restoring health and social services. Division of Recovery is working with its partners to develop and implement policies that promote healthy individuals, resilient communities and a strong, rapid recovery.  Learn More

Training and Events

Health and social services disaster recovery is an exciting, evolving field.  Stay up to date with training and events that can help you understand common issues and how you, your community, or your state can become more resilient in the aftermath of a disaster and recover effectively. Learn More

Recovery Resource Library

Learn about issues related to policy; mental and behavioral health; community resilience; at risk individuals; safety issues; funding and more in our online resource library.  This section contains resources on common issues in recovery from disasters and emergencies.  Learn More